Využite novú aplikáciu, ktorá vás bude sprevádzať najkrajšími atraktivitami v destinácii Žilinský kraj.

Other activities

You will not be bored in Orava. If you want to experience a proper shot of adrenaline and have fun with the whole family, then this is where you can select from the wide range of various adventure activities.

Rope park TARZANIA, Kubinska Hoľa

Rope park TARZANIA, Kubinska Hoľa is located in the lower part of the resort behind Hotel GREEN at Kubínska Hoľa. The rope park consists of obstacles of varying difficulty and offers great fun. The obstacles will test your skills, but you’ll mostly have a fun experience. The Rope park TARZANIA is for both children and adults

Web: www.kubinska-sk
Phone: +421 915 595 311
E-mail: info@kubinska.sk
GPS: GPS: N49°15´03.6″ E19°16´00.9″

Roháče tourist train, Zuberec

You can enjoy a unique ride on Roháče train from Habovka to Zuberec and onward all the way to Zverovak (with stops in Zuberec, near Brestovská cave, Museum of Orava Village). The Roháče train has 2 wagons with a capacity of 56 people.

Web: www.rohackyvlacik.sk
E-mail: info@rohacskyvlacik.sk
Phone: +421 (0) 904 303 166

ZIPLINE , Kubinska Hoľa

A ride packed with adrenaline. The longest and most sophisticated ZIP LINE in Central and Eastern Europe, with a length of 1200 m, will definitely take your breath away. Ride up to the start in a comfortable chairlift and let it carry you 29 m above the ground at a speed of up to 80 km/h. Operates in summer and winter.

Web: www.kubinska.sk
Phone: ++421 905 474 068
E-mail: info@skiactiv.sk
GPS: N49°15´03.6″ E19°16´00.9″

Tank ride, Podbiel

If you want to experience an adrenaline ride in a tank or cruise on a historical 40-year-old military vehicle, Podbiel, in Orava has you covered.

Bookings only.
Phone: +421 (0) 904 443 662

Cableway, Zuberec

Not only adults but also children can experience a shot of adrenaline on the cableway, which is located opposite the Museum of Orava Village in Zuberec. To finish the whole ride, you need around one hour. Equipment and a short demonstration are given directly on the spot.

Web: www.lanovadraha.sk
E-mail: lanovypark.tarzanka@gmail.com
Phone: +421 (0)907 201 771


Adrenaline shooters, the best form of fun not only for the youngest, can now be experienced in Námestovo as well. You don’t have to worry about pain. Getting hit by the gun doesn’t hurt. The safe laser beam is detected by the vest worn by every player.

Web: www.lasergameno.sk
E-mail: info@lasergameno.sk
Phone: +421 (0)918 918 655
GPS: 49°23´49.23 N, 19°29´15.16 E

ESCAPE PLAN, Námestovo

The only escape room in the whole region is located in Námestovo. Three rooms – The Secrets of a Mysterious Traveller (“Tajomstvá záhadného cestovateľa”), The Godfather and The Family Secret (“Rodinné tajomstvo”) are the ideal place to spend your free time with your family or friends, The aim of the game is to develop a team spirit, which systematically helps improve the group’s performance.

Web: www.escapeplan.sk
E-mail: info@escapeplan.sk
Phone: +421 (0)915 040 555
GPS: 49°40´32´´ N, 19°47´62´´ E

Experiences on the water

Beside skiing, hiking and culture, Orava offers various water attractions. Modern water parks and water worlds provide attractions for everyone. Orava Reservoir is a unique area with opportunities for swimming, sailing, surfing and other water sports. Slanica Island of Art is in the middle of the reservoir, and you can get there with a sightseeing boat. Orava River offers rafting below Orava Castle so you can experience the history of traditional rafting in Orava. Orava River also offers a range of other rafting options.


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