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Natural attractions

Orava has a very rich and dissected relief. The region is bordered on all sides by mountains: Kysuce Highlands, Orava Beskids, Western Tatras – Roháče, Little and Big Fatra, and Choč Mountains. These features create conditions for excellent relaxation that pleases the eye and soothes the soul. The region is also a heaven for mushroom pickers.

Brestovská cave

Brestovská cave is located in Western Tatras, near the Museum of Orava Village at Brestovská in Zuberec. It represents an underground part of an extensive hydrological system. At its bottom is a river with an active watercourse and seven siphons. The uniqueness of the cave lies at its centre, where there is no light.

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Iodobromine saltwater stream, Oravská Polhora

Under the foothills of Babia hill, in the Slaná voda settlement, a unique mineral stream of iodobromine water flows. The unique healing water has been known since the 16th century. In the past, the water was used to treat skin, women’s internal illnesses and catarrhs of the upper respiratory tract. It took some years, but the stream of the precious salt-water was made accessible again. The new summer house and precious saltwater stand in the same spot as the original.

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Peatlands, Oravská polhora

The village Oravksá Polhora is also important for numerous protected peatlands. These are Slaná voda, Tisovnica and Polhorská píla.

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Slovak North pole, Oravská Polhora

The most northern part of Slovakia is MODRALOVÁ, sometimes called Beskydok (1168 m.a.s.l.). The peak offers a beautiful view of the Beskids and Babia hill.

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Endless nature

Orava, a region known not only for its beautiful mountains but also its rich history. Easy hiking for families with children in addition to demanding mountain and alpine hikes. Mountain waterfalls and lakes. Cycling for both road riders and cross riders on forest and gravel roads. Swimming in modern water parks and open water in the reservoir. Adrenaline rafting or peaceful cruising on traditional wooden rafts. There is something for everyone.


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