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Top 9 in Orava

Discover the best of Orava. Let us introduce you to the top nine attractions that make the Orava region unique and interesting.

Orava Castle

Orava Castle, a majestic and dominant feature of the Orava region, is a national cultural treasure. The first written mention of this castle is from the second half of the 13th century. Since its construction, it has never been captured, and to this day it remains in very good condition. The castle is currently the residence of the Orava Museum. Almost 200,000 tourists visit every year, viewing the historical, ethnographic and natural science expositions. The castle has been a favourite object of filmmakers for almost 100 years. It has been featured in a number of fairy tales, adventure series and even horror films.

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Region: Oravský Podzámok

Museum of Orava Village Zuberec

The Museum of Orava Village is located below the Western Tatras, at Poľana Brestová, near the Brestová cave. An area of 8 ha contains 54 typical folk buildings moved here from various regions of Orava. Small houses documenting the life of the Orava people – farmers, artisans and shepherds. The museum has five sections: Lower Orava Market Place, Lane of the Zamagurie Region, Goral Settlement, Church with cemetery, and Mill. The unique mountain stream Studená flows through the whole museum. Technical and sacral buildings are also present in the area, and themed events, fairs and folklore performances are held regularly.

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Region: Zuberec

Orava Forest Railway

The reconstructed narrow-gauge switchback railway is 3.5 km long and lies between the stations Tanečník and Beskyd Saddle. It is a relic of the Orava section of the former Kysuce–Orava Forest Railway, which transported timber from 1918 to 1971. The railway was reconstructed under the Orava Museum project and started operation in 2008.

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Region: Oravská Lesná

Bike parks and summer attractions for children and adults alike

The slope of the ski resort becomes a BIKE PARK with downhill tracks during summer. Enjoy an adrenaline ride on mountain bicycles, tricycles or off-road scooters. Make use of the playground for children and other attractions for both children and adults.
If you want to enjoy the beauty of Orava nature from the seat of your bicycle, the ski resorts offer bicycle rentals, and the mountains have biking trails of various difficulties to choose from.

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Region: Dolný Kubín, Zuberec, Hruštín

Slanica Island of Art in Orava Reservoir

The Slanica Island of Art is a permanent exposition of traditional folk art located in the middle of the Orava Reservoir. Due to its unique character, it ranks among the most visited cultural sites of Orava. The Church of Saint Cross Ascension and tomb are the dominant features of this island. The church inside features an exposition of traditional folk sculptures and paintings, and the island lapidarium has an outdoor collection of stone sculptures from Orava from the 18–19th century. The former crypt contains an exposition of the history of villages flooded by the construction of the Orava Reservoir. The island is accessible by cruise boats.

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Region: Orava Reservoir (Oravská Priehrada)

The Orava Gallery in Dolný Kubín

The Orava Gallery was founded in 1965. It is located in the town of Dolný Kubín in the 17th-century County House on Hviezdoslav’s Square, which serves as its administrative and exhibition centre. With a collection of more than 8000 works of art, it is one of the most important public galleries in Slovakia.

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Region: Dolný Kubín

Brestovská cave

Brestovská cave is located in Western Tatras, near the Museum of Orava Village at Brestovská in Zuberec. It represents an underground part of an extensive hydrological system. At its bottom is a river with an active watercourse and seven siphons. The uniqueness of the cave lies at its centre, where there is no light. Visitors receive a helmet and a headlamp at entry, which they use to light their way. Despite the fact that the cave is still young as a decoration, it charms every visitor.

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Region: Zuberec


Roháče is often praised as the most beautiful part of the Western Tatras. Roháče boasts ideal conditions for alpine hiking. Simple walks through valleys or difficult trips through ridges in the most beautiful part of Tatras, Roháče has you covered. Common starting points of these tours are the Zverovka or Oravice mountain huts. The path leading around Roháče mountain lakes and towards Roháče waterfall is a popular trail in Roháče.

Wooden articular church

The wooden articular evangelical church in Leštiny was built in 1688–1689 and has remained undamaged and intact to this day in an authentic natural environment. Its architecture, log structures and interior decorations of movables have remained almost untouched by disruptive modern construction interventions and modifications. The precious historical site gained world-wide acknowledgement in 2008 and was entered into the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Region: Leštiny

Why Orava

The region is renowned for its beautiful natural scenery, interesting history, rich cultural heritage and popular delicious cuisine. It has beautiful natural areas ideal for hiking, cycling and water sports. Sightseeing, boating, engaging rafting and two water parks are also available. Winter is ideal not only for both alpine and cross-country skiing but also freeriding. The region also presents a range of cultural heritage, folklore, crafts, customs and traditions and tasty traditional cuisines.


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